Factors To Consider When Selecting A Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue will define the quality and ambience of the wedding. The options are endless; hotels, churches, barns, castles, restaurants, the list goes on. The decision needs to be taken wisely so that the location is easy to approach by everyone; the guests, vendors etc. If you can’t make a proper decision, here are a few factors to consider.

  • Number of guests
    Before you look for venues, you need to prepare your guests list. Next, find places that can fit all your guests. Check online, call them up and ask the capacities. Don’t waste your time looking at places that cannot fit your guests. Also, some places might tell you they can fit 500 people, but when go see the place; you’ll realize that it’s so cramped up. Also, if you pick a large venue, your wedding will be boring and will look empty. So pick the correct size.
    • Location
      The venue should be accessible by all. If it is a far from town, it is highly likely that most guests would cancel. If many of your guests are flying in or driving in, pick a venue that is close to the airport and highway so that the guests and even vendors such as the wedding catering Sydney or stylist can easily reach. If you are holding a church wedding and the reception afterwards, be sure to pick them that are close by. You don’t need to be driving for two hours after the ceremony, just to get to the reception hall.
      • Facilities and services
        You need to ask the venue what services and facilities they will provide. For example, some venues provide gourmet catering Sydney while other don’t so you’ll have to bring them in separately. Be sure if you have to bring your own wines and alcohol. They may also not provide any service with food serving or cleaning up after the event so you’ll have to outsource that too. These are usually seen at informal venues such as barns or gardens. Hotels and other reception halls usually offer full services.
        • Style or theme
          It is a new trend among couples to go for wedding themes. If you are picking a theme, your venue needs to match it. For example, you can’t hold a sea themed wedding at a castle. Rather, you should hold it at a beach. A more formal wedding can be held at castles, hotels or stately homes while a relaxed wedding can be held at the beach, a barn or country restaurant.best-weddings

The Essential Equipment List For Your Toddler

If you are about to welcome your baby bundle of joy, then you should definitely pause for a moment and see if you have the essentials to look after the baby! Most parents do not need to be reminded of making the purchases, but there tends to be a confusion over exactly what should be purchased in the first few months. The most divided opinion is most probably with regards to baby gear and equipment. To help you make an informed choice, here is a list of the equipment you most definitely need:baby cot

  • The car seat – if it was not already obvious, the first thing you should be buying at the baby store is the car seat for your baby. As you should be aware of, hospitals nowadays will not let you bring the baby home if you have not purchased a baby car seat and properly installed it in your vehicle, so make sure to make the purchase in time for the delivery! There are different types of car seats, generally divided as the infant car seat and the convertible one. The infant car seat will be used only for one at most (after which your baby will outgrow it), but it can be conveniently taken out of the vehicle and fitted onto a stroller. On the other hand, the convertible car seat works even for grown toddlers, but it is too heavy to be removed, and is permanently fitted to your car.
  • An icandy peach pram – and you will also need a stroller, no matter what other people might say against this. The point, however, is that you should settle for a stroller that works for your situation. Strollers, just like car seats come in different varieties: the Steelcraft agile stroller, for example, is convertible and works for newborns, babies and toddlers. The most important thing you should be aware of is the weight of the stroller – the heavier, the easier it will be to use, but it will be difficult to carry it up the stairs or store it away. A light stroller is more difficult to use, but it is easier to store or carry.
  • A baby cot – this is where you have many choices. When it comes to buying a bed for your baby, you might want to go ahead and buy a crib right from the start or you might be over your budget already. Regardless, a crib early on can prove troublesome – especially when you find that your baby is far from a peaceful sleeper. Bassinets or co-sleepers tend to work better in the early months, as they are easily accessible.