Certain Terms And Conditions That You Must Be Aware Of

When you rent a car form any company, there are always certain rules and regulations that you must abide by to ensure your and the vehicles safety. As far as policies of A1 car hire in Cairns city are concerned, they are pretty simple to understand, for instance their restriction regarding roads. First and foremost is that you should rive the vehicle only on roads made out of asphalt except for 4wd which can be driven elsewhere as well. There are certain locations specifications that the company states depending upon the number of days you hire the vehicle for. For example if you hire a vehicle for one day, you will be able to drive it up to Cape tribulation, once you begin in the north, or up to the mission beach if you start off from south. And if you don not abide by these limits set, the company holds the right to act against you legally. If you go against the conditions you agreed to while signing the agreement, and the vehicle is somehow damaged, then you will have to pay for the repairs. 

You must know that all their vehicles are in good working conditions and are even regularly serviced so that they maintain a good condition. But if anything happens to the vehicle on the way unknowingly, and anyhow it is not because of your negligence or fault, you must immediately report to the company and once they deduce that it is a technical or a mechanical fault, and then only can you get the vehicle fix and continue with your trip. Once you return back, and submit the receipt, then only will they pay you for that. They have a twenty-four service active for customer care! In case there is an accident, it must be immediately reported within a day and that too in written form, stating all the relevant details. 

 Along with signing of the agreement, you are required to pay a certain amount as security fee; this can be paid through a credit card. This amount is separate from the rental fee and is refundable if you return them the vehicle back on the date, time and location as previously agreed upon and that too with the fuel tank filled and the car cleaned. But if you don’t, they have the entire right to deduct money from this amount. Any car that you hire from A1 Car hire has its tank filled with fuel and that is what they also expect from you, but if you fail to do so, you will have to pay them dollar fifty as fine. 

 The time period for which you rent a car is pre decided, but if you do not return on time, they charge you fee depending upon how late you are. For example if you are an hour late from the time you stated, you will be required to pay the fine equivalent to half of the rent you paid per day. hire-cars-company